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The telecommunications industry is experiencing accelerated demand for services, infrastructure deployment and technological innovation, and is increasingly subject to stricter government regulation. Whether you are a provider, a dependent business or an end-user of telecommunication services, you need effective and reliable counsel to assure that you reap the full benefits and avoid the pitfalls of this highly complex industry. I am available to assist clients in all aspects of telecom law, including:

  • Negotiating transactions
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Litigating disputes

James S. Bubar Attorney at Law provides sound legal advice, based upon current knowledge and best practices in the telecom industry.

Innovative solutions for service providers

Telecommunications providers face numerous hurdles, from neighborhood conflicts over cell tower construction to international issues of regulatory compliance. A company seeking to minimize its local while expanding its global reach requires legal counsel with the depth and breadth of knowledge to respond across a broad spectrum of needs. I have the experience necessary to remove impediments to your company’s growth — from permitting and land use to compliance — in every state in the United States, with the Federal Communications Commission and in various nations throughout the world.

Essential protections for content providers

If you are an entrepreneur or an artist using telecommunications to deliver your product to market, you want assurance that you are getting the greatest benefit from the most up-to-date services, and that your work is protected once it leaves your hard drive. I advise business clients about telecommunications service choices. I understand the operations of cyber security and laws regarding intellectual property at home and abroad. I can help you use telecommunications profitably and safely.

Clarity and dependability for end users

As telecommunications services have become more multi-faceted, contracts for services have become increasingly complex. Businesses, municipal bodies and non-profit entities require assistance from dedicated telecommunications attorneys to review and negotiate contracts to ensure they are getting the appropriate service, neither more nor less than they need. Attorneys can also provide information about discounted services through state or federal public policy funding programs for which you may be eligible. Moreover, state and federal regulations impact certain end users who must comply with requirements regarding e911 systems and consumer privacy. Whether it’s transactions, compliance or litigation of disputes, I have the resources to make your telecommunications use smooth and productive.

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